Streamwood is a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. It is the 44th largest city in the state. The City has a population of 38,777.

In addition to its proximity to Chicago, Streamwood is also surrounded by lakes and nature preserves. Some of the most popular attractions in Streamwood include Lords Park Zoo and Hoosier Grove Park. These parks feature a variety of native Illinois animals including elk, buffalo, donkeys, pigs, calves, and white-tailed deer. Check this great one.

During the 1950s and 1960s, Streamwood was a rapidly expanding community. New homes and businesses, along with new housing developments, increased the population. Many new occupants came from Chicago neighborhoods. However, they faced many challenges, including inadequate well systems, unpaved streets, and no municipal services. To combat these challenges, homeowners established associations that gave them a voice.

Streamwood was incorporated in 1957. Its first mayor was Nick Kosan. A fire station was built in 1964, which served as the Village Hall. When construction of new municipal buildings began, a Village President was elected. The Streamwood Public Library was formed and was subsequently renamed the Poplar Creek Public Library.

The City of Streamwood is located on Lake Michigan in northeastern Illinois. It is the 44th largest city by population in the state. Today, it is home to Windy City Bulls NBA G League affiliate. There are several medical facilities in Streamwood, including the University of Chicago Medical Center. Learn more.

Streamwood’s average temperatures range from 80 degrees in summer to 33 inches in winter. Residents can expect to see plenty of sunshine.

The Village of Streamwood has a large Asian population. It is home to numerous local businesses, including Famous Footwear, CV Pharmacy, Target, and Taco Bell. Additionally, Streamwood is home to a highly successful cricket team.

Streamwood is a member of the Tri-Village area, which is an area of the Chicago metropolitan region that is centered on three villages: Schaumburg, Elin, and Streamwood. Each of these cities is within 10 miles of the other.

Since the early 1950s, Streamwood’s population has grown by nearly two-thirds. By 2000, the community had grown to 36,407 residents. The population of Streamwood has grown by approximately 3.4% annually since then.

The average cost of living in Streamwood is higher than the national average. For instance, health costs in Streamwood are incredibly affordable, making it a desirable place for people to live.

Several retail centers have opened in Streamwood, such as Westview Shopping Center. Another major retail center is the Sutton Park Shopping Center. This shopping center opened in 1989.

In the past decade, Streamwood has experienced an increase in home values of 11.4%. The median home price is $244,300. Compared to the national average, the cost of living in Streamwood is 10% higher. Best one next.

Streamwood offers residents exceptional public and medical facilities. Residents can take advantage of a specialized geriatric care program at the University of Chicago Medical Center. Streamwood is also home to a top-notch cricket team and the Windy City Bulls NBA G League affiliate.

Point of Interest #1 Panera Bread, 971 W Irving Park Rd, Streamwood, IL 60107

Point of Interest #2 AutoZone Auto Parts, 921 W Irving Park Rd, Streamwood, IL 60107

Point of Interest #3 Wendy’s, 881 S Sutton Rd, Streamwood, IL 60107

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