If you are interested in living in a town that offers plenty of outdoor activities, Streamwood, Illinois may be just what you are looking for. This northwest suburb of Chicago has plenty of lakes and parks for residents to enjoy. Its location gives it access to many of the big cities in the country. The town is also home to the NBA G League team Windy City Bulls. More info.

When it was first incorporated as a village in 1957, Streamwood was a relatively small community. Residents of the area lived in mostly ranch-style houses. They drove to work by themselves. However, as the Village developed, a fire station was built along Cypress Drive, which served as both a Village Hall and Council Chambers.

The Village expanded, taking over the water company and expanding its boundaries to include more land. The new development brought in new residents. Many of them came from Chicago neighborhoods. Those who moved to Streamwood were often able to rent a house for a year or two. But they faced muddy driveways and a lack of a well system. Learn more.

Streamwood’s population grew quickly during the 1950s and 1960s. Streamwood’s rapid growth was fueled by the construction of homes and the opening of a new library. By 1970, there were 18,176 residents of Streamwood. As the housing market continued to grow, the Town expanded to more than five square miles. In addition to the new housing, commercial development was growing, as well.

A fire station was added to Streamwood in 1964, which served as both a Village Hall as well as the Council Chambers. With the influx of new residents, the town’s population grew to over 18000 by 2000.

Streamwood was originally a farm town. After the Second World War, farms gave way to suburbs. The new housing was predominately two-story colonials with clapboard siding. Some of the houses were financed by the GI Bill. These veterans flocked to Streamwood after the Korean War.

Streamwood is the 44th largest city in Illinois, with a 2020 population of 39,521. The city’s economy is thriving thanks to its proximity to the city of Chicago. An industrial park, called Streamwood Corporate Center, has been built to attract industry to the area.

Streamwood also has a vibrant cultural scene. It is home to an award-winning wedding venue, Hoosier Grove Barn. Other places of interest include the Arthur L. Janura Preserve, which contains open water, remnant woodlands, and wetlands. There are also several trails to hike and bike on.

Although Streamwood is a great place to live, its cost of living is higher than the national average. Seniors in the town are subject to some of the highest property taxes in the country. The median property value in the Village is $205,900.

Streamwood is located in Cook County, Illinois. It is 30 miles from the city of Chicago. Since the Village is surrounded by a large number of nature preserves, there is ample opportunity for residents to enjoy the outdoors. View this one.

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