Streamwood is a suburban community located 30 miles northwest of Chicago in the Cook County area of Illinois. Known for its natural beauty and recreation, Streamwood also has access to many of the city’s attractions. Streamwood is home to a successful cricket team and Windy City Bulls NBA G League affiliate.

A major draw of Streamwood is the Lords Park Zoo, which features large fenced enclosures with native Illinois animals like calves, pigs, buffalo, and white-tailed deer. This zoo also offers a variety of animal-based entertainment for families and adults. More info.

During the 1950s, Streamwood was a rapidly growing community. New housing developments, as well as an increased interest in commercial growth, spurred the community’s growth. By 1970, the population had grown to 18,176. In addition, a new fire station and village hall had been constructed.

The village became incorporated in 1957. Streamwood’s government remained under the control of builders until 1962, when the Maxon Construction Company hired a village president and engineering firm to oversee construction projects. They also donated land for the Village Hall and schools. Streamwood also became a member of the Poplar Creek Library District.

Streamwood is surrounded by nature preserves, lakes, and trails. The community is also located close to the Arthur L. Janura Preserve, which includes wetlands, wildflowers, and open water. Streamwood Oaks Golf Course is a nine-hole course with a clubhouse, outside patio, and a championship layout.

Streamwood’s economy has thrived over the years. The Streamwood Corporate Center, as well as the Phoenix Lake Business Park, opened up industrial opportunities for residents. Also, the Westview Shopping Center has greatly expanded the commercial opportunities in the community. Banks, such as Bank of America, National Association and JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association, are popular in Streamwood. Learn more.

Streamwood’s health care services are very affordable. Residents have access to world-class medical facilities. Medicare, social security, and pension income are tax-free. However, senior citizens in the Streamwood area are subject to some of the highest property taxes in the country.

Streamwood’s average cost of living is higher than the state and national averages. Although the cost of living is high, Streamwood’s health costs are relatively inexpensive. As a result, many people choose to retire to Streamwood.

Streamwood is home to several public parks, including Hoosier Grove Park. After being occupied by a dairy farm, the park was purchased by the Village to protect the agricultural history of the area. It is an excellent venue for weddings and other special events.

Streamwood is a suburb of Chicago that is surrounded by beautiful nature preserves and lakes. Among the parks are a number of golf courses, such as the Streamwood Oaks Golf Course. If you are interested in outdoor recreation, you can enjoy a day on the lake or take a hike on the Poplar Creek Trail. There is plenty of sun and sunshine during the summer months in Streamwood. On the other hand, winters can be a bit cold. Streamwood gets an average of 33 inches of snow each year. Check this one out next.

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