Best Places to Live in Streamwood IL


If you are looking for the best places to live in Streamwood, Illinois, then you have come to the right place. The city is located northwest of Chicago, and is a great place to live, especially if you are interested in living close to the city. While it is expensive compared to the rest of Illinois, it also offers a lot of benefits, such as lower poverty rates and a largely safe community.

Streamwood is a northwest suburb of Chicago


Streamwood is a northwest suburb of Chicago, located in suburban Cook County. It borders Elgin to the west and the Cook County Forest Preserves to the north. Learn more on Streamwood here.

The Village of Streamwood is one of the fastest growing communities in the Chicago Metropolitan Area. With a population of over 39,000, Streamwood is located 37 miles northwest of Chicago “Loop”.

Residents enjoy affordable housing and a vibrant business community. The community has access to world-class medical facilities, nature preserves, and a host of outdoor activities.

A majority of residents live in traditional two-parent households with children. There are also a number of young professionals who live in Streamwood.

Streamwood was once a farm town, but the farm industry gave way to the suburban development of the 20th century. The area was originally called Hoosier Grove. From the late 1800s to the 1950s, dairy farmers lived in the area. In 1957, the village of Streamwood was incorporated.


Streamwood is a safe place to live

Streamwood, Illinois, is an ideal place to live if you’re looking for an affordable home that doesn’t come with a mortgage. Located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, the city of Streamwood is a great place to live.

There are many reasons to choose Streamwood for your next move. Streamwood’s crime rate is lower than the national average. Streamwood is also one of the safest cities in the United States.

Streamwood has a livability score of 94, which is better than the national average. This score is determined by taking into account a variety of variables. The most important factors include the cost of living, climate, safety and education.

Streamwood ranks high in most categories. Its median home price is below the national average, at $209,380. Streamwood’s utility prices are also 3% lower than the national average.

Streamwood is expensive compared to the average city in Illinois

Streamwood, Illinois, is a small village located in the state of Illinois. It is home to several universities and colleges. In the past five years, Streamwood has been one of the fastest growing areas in the Chicago metropolitan area.

The cost of living in Streamwood is a little higher than the average city in Illinois, but not by much. On a per capita basis, the cost of living in Streamwood is $36,917, which is less than the national average of $38,433. This demonstrates that the business climate in Streamwood is good.

The cost of living is also reflected in the average household income. Compared to the median household income in the U.S., the average household in Streamwood earns 2.3 times more.

Streamwood has lower poverty rates than other cities in the United States

The village of Streamwood, Illinois, is located northwest of Chicago. It was first incorporated as a village in 1957. The population is currently at 39228.

Streamwood has a lower poverty rate than the United States average. It also ranks very well in diversity. In fact, the village has twice as many foreign born residents as the national average.

A high proportion of single women is also found in the Streamwood metro area. Streamwood is ranked number three in the state in the proportion of single women 18 to 24, and second in the ratio of single women 30 to 34.

In addition, the proportion of unwed mothers is one of the highest in the Streamwood area. Currently, 20% of births are to unmarried mothers.

Streamwood has a sparse suburban feel

The Village of Streamwood is an up and coming community in the Chicagoland area. This relatively small slice of land is a prime location to grow, if you are looking for an affordable housing alternative to the big city. In the past few years, Streamwood has had some of the best growth and development of any suburban community in the Chicago area.

Its burgeoning business sector has attracted an array of young professionals. As a result, the Streamwood economy has outpaced the rest of the metropolitan area in both size and per capita income. While the city has a population of more than 40,000 residents, the median household income is nearly $75,000. Most of these residents are in the traditional two-parent family with children category.

Things to Do in Streamwood IL

If you’re looking to take a trip to the northwest suburbs of Chicago, you may want to consider visiting Streamwood, Illinois. Located in Cook County, the city’s population is estimated to be about 39,577. It’s also home to some great things to do.

Streamwood Oaks Golf Course

Streamwood Oaks Golf Course is a 9-hole public course that opened in 1990. It is owned by the Village of Streamwood and managed by Links Management. The course features a 3,404 yard championship layout. It has two Par 3s, five Par 4s, and a couple of Par 5s. This golf club is located in a northwest suburb of Chicago.

The course has a slope rating of 125, and measures 2597 yards from the forward tees. Those looking for a more difficult test can choose the back tees which will bring the total to 3435 yards. Water is in play on all nine holes.

Although the Streamwood Oaks Golf Club is not the most challenging, it is a well maintained and fun golf course. The course is situated near a neighborhood called Sherwood Oaks.

Giordano’s Deep Dish Pizza


If you’re looking for the best deep dish pizza in Streamwood, Illinois, you’ll want to check out Giordano’s. This pizza joint has a 40-year reputation for creating an outstanding, artisanal deep dish pie. It’s also known for its cool service and democratic prices.

The origins of the Chicago deep dish pizza go back to the early 1900s. However, the recipe was re-invented in the mid-1970s by Efren and Joseph Boglio. In this version, the two brothers combined their mother’s Italian Easter Pie with a secret recipe.

Today, Giordano’s has become an international franchise with locations in Arizona, Florida, and Colorado. They serve a wide variety of traditional Italian food, including pizza and pasta.

One of the most popular offerings is the Stuffed Deep Dish Pizza. It is similar to a traditional deep dish, but with an extra layer of dough on the bottom. As it cooks, it creates a crispy, dramatic cheese layer.

Streamwood Park District

The Streamwood Park District provides hundreds of acres of open space to residents of Streamwood, Illinois. It offers a variety of sports and arts programs, as well as summer day camps and after school care. This full-service recreational agency also offers facility rental services. Streamwood is a friendly, welcoming community.

There are several major facilities in Streamwood, including the Park Place Family Recreation Center and the Hoosier Grove Barn Banquet Facility. These are both award-winning wedding venues. Additionally, the Streamwood Cricket Club has a highly successful team that plays in the Frontier League.

The Streamwood Oaks Golf Course is a nine-hole course that features a championship layout. It measures 3,304 yards and features five par fours. There are also a number of amenities, such as an outside patio and clubhouse.

Streamwood Stride Races

The Streamwood Stride races are a fun event for the entire family. This event combines the double derby, 10K, 5K, and one mile fun run in the park, and is presented by the Streamwood Park District. Guests will also get to enjoy an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast that features sausage and milk.

Held the second weekend in June, the Streamwood Stride is a great way to experience the beauty of Streamwood, Illinois. It is held at the Park Place Family Recreation Center, and will be accompanied by an awards ceremony. Those who attend are encouraged to arrive early for a good viewing position.

The event is a big hit, with hundreds of runners and walkers participating. Guests will be able to see local businesses in the community advertise through banner printing companies.

Mallard Lake

If you’re looking for a place to relax in Illinois, you might consider visiting Mallard Lake in Streamwood, Illinois. The lake is located at West Branch DuPage River and features a number of trails that can be used for a variety of outdoor activities. It also offers a shelter that can accommodate 50 people.

For those looking for more than just the scenery, the Forest Preserve District offers a 948-acre park. This nature park features wetlands, forests, and a large lake. Boating and hiking are two popular activities. In order to explore the area, it’s important to obtain a permit from the Forest Preserve District.

In addition to its natural attractions, the park is also home to Rainbow Falls Waterpark. This waterpark has many attractions. You can enjoy a variety of features including the Barracuda Bowl vortex and the Calypso Twist.

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