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Furnace Installation Cost – Why You Should Hire a Nate Certified HVAC Contractor
HVAC contractors have the knowledge and experience to repair, install, and maintain your heating and cooling systems. However, improper work can cause damage to your equipment or even lead to a fire. This can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repairs. If you want to keep your family safe, only hire a licensed HVAC contractor to perform any work on your HVAC equipment.

The requirements for an HVAC contractor can vary from state to state, and you’ll need to check with your local municipality to find out the details. Many states require a performance bond, and others require workers’ compensation insurance.

While doing your own work may seem cheaper, it’s important to get a contractor’s license to prevent yourself from getting into legal trouble or worse. Also, hiring a contractor with an insurance policy protects you from damage and lawsuits. It also covers medical expenses and tools and equipment should they be damaged or stolen.

In order to qualify for an HVAC contractor’s license, you’ll need to have at least two years of experience, pass a law and trade exam, and have the proper education. You’ll also need to obtain your license in a specific state. Some states have reciprocity agreements with neighboring states, and you can often work across state lines.

Your HVAC contractor should also carry insurance to cover themselves, their employees, and the equipment they use. It’s common for commercial leases to require general liability coverage, and a contractor’s insurance can cover property damage and legal costs.