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There is no company more reliable than Pure Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning in Bartlett, IL.  We provide unparalleled system options and product varieties you can’t find anywhere else. Moreover, we offer high-quality, affordable service for your air conditioner and its parts. There’s something about maintaining a comfortable and energy-efficient home or building that makes us very happy, you can count on us for the best cooling service bartlett has to offer.


As the premier provider of air conditioning & home cooling services in Bartlett, IL for over 15 years, we take pride in being the preferred choice. Service or replacement of your air conditioning system by our highly-trained technicians is swift and affordable.

New air conditioner installation Bartlett

Your air conditioner is not working properly. What do you need to do? Is it emitting odors, making sounds, turning on and off without your permission, working occasionally, or costing you a considerable amount of money each month? Don’t worry! Contact one of our expert technicians, invite them into your home and discover what the problem is. It’s less painful than you might think. Our expert technicians are dedicated to repairing your AC system quickly and affordably in a way that fixes the issue and prevents it from recurring in the future. 

With a professional installation of air conditioning, you can beat the heat. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for replacement ductless AC units or central air conditioner installation, we’ll help you. Find out more about how you can breathe easy with Pure Comfort Cooling solutions. 


Contact Pure Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning service by calling us or requesting an appointment online.

The air conditioner installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance services we provide are world-class at Pure Comfort. 


Keeping your air conditioning system in good condition begins after installation and testing. Premature air conditioner replacement is not a good idea. Call us for air conditioner maintenance and repairs. You’ll receive years of trouble-free performance from your new unit as long as we follow the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Air conditioning repair Bartlett

We’re like EMTs for your HVAC system 

When your air conditioner breaks down in the middle of a hot summer afternoon, you can imagine what it feels like! Pure Comfort cooling services are needed when your air conditioner kicks the can and you need service quickly. 

Common Air Conditioner Problems 

Pure Comfort has experienced it all. Among the reasons why people call us are: 

  • There is a problem turning on the air conditioner. 
  • During startup or operation, strange noises or vibrations occur. 
  • Warm air is expelled from the supply registers. 
  • When the fan isn’t running, the unit hums. 
  • The fan is running, but the compressor is not. 
  • A pool of water surrounds the air conditioner. 

You can find out more about our 24/7 AC repair services on our website if you have an emergency with your air conditioning unit.  

It’s important to keep your air conditioner running smoothly as long as possible after you get a new, energy-efficient system. You can get tips and information on maintaining your air conditioner on our maintenance page.   

Whenever a problem occurs with your cooling bartlett system, whether on a hot summer day or in sub-zero temperatures, our emergency services team is always ready to provide prompt and professional assistance and 24/7 support that you can count on – no matter what the weather! Have an urgent issue? Contact cooling bartlett today! 

Air conditioner maintenance Bartlett

Taking good care of your air conditioner will ensure it lasts longer, serves you better, and saves you money on energy costs. Performing routine maintenance on your air conditioner will ensure that it remains efficient and effective for many years to come. A regular air conditioner maintenance appointment is needed when the conditioned air you are breathing. is not cold enough or humid. 

To keep your air conditioner operating as efficiently as possible throughout the year, there are several things you should do. While some of these tasks can be completed by homeowners, other ones should be entrusted to a professional air conditioner maintenance service. 


Air-conditioning inspection performed by professionals 

Maintaining your air conditioner is another important aspect of keeping it in good working order. We suggest booking an annual maintenance service well before the cooling season starts. Count on Pure Comfort services to keep your air conditioner in top shape and to enable it to last as long as possible. Pure Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning experts can help with smaller issues that could turn into more serious and costly issues in the future. 


Maintaining an air conditioner professionally 

The last thing you want to do is buy another air conditioning unit since they are expensive. Repairing the AC unit might not be the best solution every time. When the AC unit has been repaired more than once, it is probably better to replace it. To replace your AC unit, contact our air conditioning replacement service. 


Ensure your AC unit runs efficiently and reliably this summer and don’t sweat it out. You can trust the HVAC experts at Pure Comfort with your air conditioner service and maintenance. 

Ductless cooling Bartlett

A ductless air conditioner is the perfect solution to keep you cool in the summer


Do you believe that the only way to cool your space is with a window unit or central air conditioner? Well, think again! It is possible that a ductless AC unit would be the right choice for you if you are looking for a more energy-efficient alternative to a traditional central air conditioning system. Our expert technicians can teach you everything you need to know about ductless HVAC systems and ductless air conditioning installation.

Ductless Air Conditioning Installation

Planning to renovate an old home, add an addition to your home, or cool specific rooms in your home efficiently? Consider ductless air conditioning systems! Ductless split systems are more expensive than window-unit air conditioners, but they are significantly less costly than installing ductwork throughout an entire building.


A ductless split AC unit can be installed quickly, partly because the separate indoor and outdoor sections can be connected through a three- or four-inch opening in an exterior wall. The standard blowers provide the best circulation of cool air, but stand-alone blowers are also available.


As your local HVAC specialists, we will guide you through all the options available to you, as well as the installation process and maintenance to find the best option for your home.

Why Choose Us:

Pure Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning has been providing heating and home services in Chicago for over 15 years. We keep Chicagoans warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and save them money on energy costs all year long. 


Our team is always working to provide better service, so you can count on us for many other home comfort services as well. It’s what we promise at Pure Comfort. 


Contact us at +1 708-515-4822 for more information about our services. 

24/7 Availbility

We’re available whenever it’s most convenient for you—24 hours a day, seven days a week.


The village of Bartlett is located in the U.S. state of Illinois, in the county of Cook. According to the 2010 census, its population was 41,208, with a population density of 994 people per square kilometer. Approximately 40,312 people lived in the city for 10 years.   

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All About Bartlett IL

All About bartlett IL

Whether you are looking to relocate or just relocate your family to Bartlett, Illinois, you will find a number of reasons why you should consider moving here. You’ll find a great community, a good education, and plenty of activities. You’ll also be near Chicago and Lake Michigan, which mean you’ll have access to both the excitement and beauty of the city. In addition, Bartlett has plenty of parks, shopping, and outdoor recreation.

You can get to Bartlett by car, rail, or bus, and the Elgin-O’Hare Expressway is just a few miles away. You’ll also have easy access to US Route 59 and IL Route 59. If you’re interested in the history of Bartlett, you’ll want to visit the Bartlett Historical Museum. The building is open Monday to Saturday. It features changing exhibits and a classroom.

You’ll also be close to the Brewster Creek Business Park, a major retail and commercial development that has grown quickly. The area has 75 businesses and draws many customers every day. It’s one of the fastest-growing business parks in the Chicago area.

Bartlett has a very diverse population. You’ll find many young people living here, along with many families with children. You’ll also find a large percentage of college-educated adults in the area. In fact, the average age of residents is 40. You’ll find that there is a low poverty rate in the area, which means you’ll have access to more family-friendly services. In addition, you’ll have a wide range of jobs and career opportunities available to you.

You’ll find that the climate in Bartlett is similar to the national average, with an average of 192 sunny days a year. You’ll also see more rainfall than the national average. You’ll enjoy the scenic beauty of the area, which makes Bartlett a great place for a family. You’ll also be close to numerous forest preserves, such as the Hawk Hollow forest preserve. You’ll also see a variety of wildlife, including deer, warblers, and beavers.

You’ll also want to check out the Bartlett Nature Preserve, which is home to a disc-golfgolf course. The course is tucked into the woods, with a variety of holes and a huge pond on three of the holes. In addition, you’ll find that the area is home to more than 100 species of birds.

You’ll also want to check into the Bartlett Aquatic Center, which has an eight-lane lap pool, a diving pool, and a spray playground. The complex is managed by the local park district. In addition to swimming and playing, you’ll have access to a lazy river that weaves through the complex. You’ll also have a choice of slides, so you can have fun while keeping fit.

You’ll find that Bartlett has a low crime rate, and you’ll have plenty of places to shop. You’ll also find that Bartlett has a lot of high-profile sites. You’ll find that the city is home to several parks, such as James Pate Philip State Park.

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