The city of Elgin is situated in the counties of Kane and Cook in northeastern Illinois, about 40 miles (65 km) northwest of downtown Chicago. Indians from the Potawatomi tribe originally lived in the region. A settler from New York named Elgin after a Scottish hymn, James Talcott Gifford founded the city in 1835.

Pure Comfort Indoor Air Quality Services offer better living and better breathing

The house you live in should be a haven, so if it isn’t, you need to address the issue. Feeling ill in your house may be a sign that your indoor air quality is poor. Get in touch with our heating and cooling experts at Pure Comfort.

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According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air quality pertains to occupants’ health and comfort and is affected by the air quality within and around buildings and structures. Various factors contribute to the quality of indoor air, including temperature, humidity, ventilation, and chemicals or biological pollutants.

Duct cleaning Elgin 

A duct system for an air conditioner is not feasible in every neighborhood. This is due to the fact that some older homes were not constructed with ducts or don’t possess the infrastructure to support ducts. These houses are better suited to ductless air conditioners, which spread small units throughout the home rather than a single large unit. 


Pure Comfort offers a professional service that includes a final inspection to ensure the air duct system was not damaged during the cleaning process, as well as sealing any access holes. With our help, you can rest assured that your system will work properly and there will be no loose debris in your home.  


Having clean ductwork will make you feel better, which is why we offer heating and air conditioning services. 


Clean air ducts are essential to a healthy environment. Experiencing illness is caused by germs, dead skin, pet dander, and other undesirable elements present in the air. You and your family will benefit from breathing clean air. Bartlett keeps your air ducts clean and safe with their air duct cleaning services. 


Dryer vent cleaning Elgin

Say goodbye to hazy air with Pure Comfort

Using Pure comfort, you can eliminate contaminants. You can make your home a safer and cleaner place by cleaning your dryer vents and air ducts. Air purification products are available from us as well. Air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and air purification are all offered free of charge. 


Over time, the air flowing through your vents collects contaminants. You might not even be aware that bacteria and allergens are floating around in the air in your home. Experiencing unclean air for an extended period of time can have many health consequences. Pure Comfort Services can help you with vent and air duct cleaning. 


Your air ducts will be sanitized and cleaned, ensuring your comfort as well as that of your family members. For better indoor air quality, contact us today. Our vent and air duct specialists will be happy to provide you with a free estimate. 

Humidifiers Elgin

Your home’s humidity level makes you feel comfortable, right? You have to deal with dry air, cracked skin, and unhealthful conditions sometimes, don’t you? The humidifier services offered by Pure comfort can keep your home comfortable and healthy.


Installing a humidifier in your home should always be done by a professional. In order to adequately humidify the entire house, they must have access to ducts at a certain location. The ducts can only release water if they have access to the house’s electrical system. You should never attempt electrical work without the appropriate training and equipment. You run an extremely high risk of getting injured. If you contact Pure comfort Heating & Air Conditioning, installing a humidifier is a simple process.


Our company also provides humidifier repairs and maintenance. If you use your humidifier regularly, it is less likely to require repair all that often, but it may develop problems over time. In case your humidifier needs repair, please schedule an appointment with our repair professional.

Air cleaners Elgin

With an air cleaner, you can effectively reduce the number of impurities that cause offensive odors, make you feel uncomfortable, and cause you to become ill. You can rely on Pure comfort Heating & Air Conditioning for affordable installation or repair of air purification systems.


When it comes to comprehensive air purification support, you can’t go wrong with our team. A small fee is required for the repair, replacement, and maintenance of these systems. We would be happy to provide you with more information about how we can improve your air quality.


Call Pure Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning to get the air filtered in your home.


We provide a full range of repair and maintenance services for air purifiers. Similar to other devices, air cleaners require routine maintenance to keep running smoothly. Over the course of many years of normal use, an air purifier may also suffer from wear and tear. Keeping your air purifier in good condition is something that Pure comfort Heating & Air Conditioning can do for you.

UV light Elgin

The benefits of UV light for indoor air quality are well known. Air and surfaces can be disinfected effectively with UV light, one of the most effective methods on the market today!


Installing UV lights on the coils and return ducts of an HVAC system can improve air quality. It is possible to sterilize the coils by aiming a UV light at them. Place UV lights at every point where air passes through your home’s ventilation system to sterilize the air.


In case you have any questions about UV lights, feel free to call Pure comfort Heating and Air Conditioning right away. Maintaining a healthy and comfortable home for your family can be challenging. Our team will recommend the best solutions for your home.


Find out what’s best for you by discussing your needs!

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