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This summer, stay cool with a ductless mini split cooling Streamwood, IL

Are you convinced that a window unit or central air conditioner is your only option for cooling your home? If so, think again! An energy-efficient ductless air conditioning system may be the right choice if you want a zone cooling system that is less invasive to install than a traditional central air conditioning system. Discover everything you need to know about ductless air conditioning and heating systems by speaking with the experts at Pure Comfort.

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What is a ductless air conditioning system?

Ductless mini-splits are systems that use an outdoor condenser unit to cool air locally. Blower units mounted on the walls or ceiling are used to deliver cool air instead of ducts. Different indoor blower units can be connected to one outdoor condenser to operate independently in different rooms.

Ductless air conditioner installation

  • Ductless mini split cooling units that don’t require ductwork can be installed quickly since they only need a three- or four-inch hole in the exterior wall to connect the indoor and outdoor sections. Besides the standard blowers, there are also standalone blowers available. However, standard blowers provide the best circulation of cool air.

Where should I install a ductless system?

For many people, renovating or retrofitting their ductwork to fit newer cooling systems would be prohibitively expensive. Those who do not have existing ductwork or have leaky, old ductwork should consider ductless air conditioning systems.


Because ductless AC systems offer zoned cooling, they work well for homes or businesses without requiring whole-structure cooling. The owners of homes or businesses can use this information to prioritize where their families, employees, and customers spend the most time during the warmest time of the year.

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Remodeling an older home, building an addition, or trying to cool a specific room efficiently? Look into ductless air conditioners! Despite being more expensive than conventional window-unit air conditioners, ductless splits are still much less expensive than installing ductwork throughout an entire building.

With the help of our local technicians, you can compare the cost, installation process, and expected maintenance of every air conditioning system, enabling you to choose the one that is right for you.

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